Canary Riverside Plaza Hotel (Internal news)

Canary Riverside Plaza hotel – (previously knows as Four Seasons), has expressed that they are very happy with our service and the quality of drivers that are working with us. From the next week onwards, they will be using us as a main chauffeur airport transfers supplier. We should also expect a higher amount of airport pick ups from their customers.

Although the chauffeur service side will be carried out by the Executive Drivers team – they will be using our standard service for all other passengers.

However, this good news came with a small demand. Drivers must not display the “Carrot Cars’ Info Hanger”, while serving Canary Riverside Plaza hotel’s customers. Therefore, please remove the info hanger and as soon as you will receive a job – from or to their hotel! You must redisplay the hanger, once your customer has left your car. 

Happy driving everyone