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Cash Payments Have resumed

Dear Team

I hope that everyone is well and healthy!

Please note that the cash payments have now been resumed. If you would like to get paid cash instead of a bank transfer, then please inform your driver manager so we will stop your bank payments. After that, you’ll need to start requesting the cash, if you decide to withdraw, by using this form.

Please note that the collections of Cash will be done only from the Driver Managers’ office (Small office) and only when you have received the text message, with the collection window. Please do not just visit the office unannounced! 

If you need any help then, please email or call on 02039275116

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New slogan competition

It is time to send our long-serving slogan; “Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs” to its retirement.  Therefore we are announcing a competition for the new slogan.

Whoever comes up with the new slogan that we will use, will receive a £100 cash!

To enter, please fill up the form below:

Carrot's new slogan

  • The winner will be announced on the 15th of October 2017.

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We have raised over £1000 (Internal news)

Massive thank you to everyone who has supported Kamran with this fundraising. You have made a massive difference!

We are also pleased to let you know that Kamran has been now moved from intensive care to another hospital, where he has started his physiotherapy. With bit of luck, he should be out of the hospital within next 6 months.

If anyone would like to know more what has happened or if this has risen any concerns, then please contact Ivo.

Once again, MASSIVE THANKS!!!

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Photo competition (Internal news)

This week’s photo award goes to Driver D047 Tahir. Congratulations; £25 has been added on to your account. 

Ps: Anyone who wants to take part of the photo competition, please ensure that Carrot Cars sticker is visible on the photo!

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Cash Handling Fee (Internal news)

Due to Barclays bank’s ever increasing cash withdrawal charges for businesses, we have no other choice than to add a cash handling fee to all cash payments to drivers; hence from Monday 10th July 2017, all the cash payments for account jobs, will have a £4 handling fee added to the statements.

To avoid this charge, we are highly recommending to change your payments to bank transfers, which are 100% free. Bank transfers also usually hit your bank account, one day faster than cash.

If you are deciding to change your payment type, then please contact your driver manager asap!

We are apologising for any inconvenience this may cause.