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Drivers Suite

Flight Tracking

Dear drivers,

We would like to remind you to remember to track flights manually when you receive an airport pick-up. Once you have received the job its your responsibility to track the flight accordingly in order to meet and greet the passenger at the correct time.

Lately we have had more and more drivers whom are solely relying on the system tracker. Whilst relevant, the system tracker is not the only device available to help you track flights; Flightradar24 and FlightAware are both reliable applications that can be used to verify flight landing times more accurately.

If your ever in doubt please also consider that controllers are there to help you and can double check landing times for you.

Drivers Suite

January’s Driver Of The Month

Congratulations to driver

027 Sylejman for the amazing service he has provided our passengers this month.

All the hard work
Sylejman put in has made him stand out not only amongst the Carrot Cars staff members but also our appreciative passengers.

Keep up the good work and the next driver of the month could be you…

Drivers Suite

December’s Driver Of The Month

Congratulations to driver 016 Naim for all the hard work he put in for December; always up bright and early, his work rate, dependability and all round solid performance has been amazing.

We as the Carrot Cars team would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Naim for all his efforts and wish his continued success.

Keep up the good work and the next driver of the month could be you…

Drivers Suite

The Hoxton Shoreditch

Dear Drivers,

We are proud to announce our new client The Hoxton Shoreditch located at 81 Great Eastern Street, Hackney, London, EC2A 3HU. 

The Hoxton Shoreditch will be active from today so please assist us to welcome this new client by showing  them the high standards we adhere to at Carrot Cars, keep your car clean, always be in uniform, smile, be polite to all customers, treat them well, and don’t forget to ask if they are comfortable.


Please be advised that when picking up from the Hoxton Shoreditch that you will NOT be able to use the main entrance on Great Eastern Street as its on a red route. The best place to pick up guests will be from the back of the hotel which is located on Willow Street.

 Please see the area highlighted in Green below.

Drivers Suite

November’s Driver Of The Month

Congratulations to driver 024 Mohammad, since joining Carrot Cars he has been growing from strength to strength to become one of our most dependable drivers.

Mohammad has continued to impress with always being on time, his spot on appearance and consistently helping us out in busy times – we as the Carrot Cars team wish to thank him for all his efforts.

Keep up the good work and the next driver of the month could be you…

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