Car & Driver Standards – regular checks

Hi team,

As things are getting back to normal, and we are having negotiations with a few big premium accounts, we must go back to pre-pandemic standards.

This means that the regular surprise car checks will start again. The check takes no more than 5 minutes. Please do not take it personally!!! We know that it is your (belonging) car that we are checking, but we need to ensure that all the drivers keep up with the high standards, as you do.

We have also kickstarted the “Mystery Customer” project, which means that you will have a mystery customer in your car once a month, without you knowing about them. The main things they look out for are the vehicle’s quality and customer service excellence. Remember the four questions that you asked every customer, every time!

If things go as we plan, then by the summer, we will be covering everything from E14 to LHR and between.

Happy driving everyomne!