Carrot Cars Teslas

Carrot Cars is now offering company cars option for our drivers. Perhaps you are considering letting go of your vehicle in the future, and having a trouble-free, brand new car, all expenses paid (except electricity).

We offer brand new, rent-free Tesla Model 3s, insurance, and maintenance included. In return, we ask you to work minimum 5 days per week – being available to accept jobs in our service areas 8.5h per day (including 30 minutes break).

You should expect to clear in your pocket around £650 – £850 per week.

Things to consider:

  • Minimum 3 months commitment
  • 50% commission charge
  • The vehicle will not be available to work on other platforms
  • £500 deposit (£250 upfront, and £250 deducted from your first week’s pay)
  • Subject to acceptance

If you are interested to find out more then kindly email [email protected]