Carrot Cars Teslas

Carrot Cars is now offering brand new executive company cars option for our drivers. Perhaps you are considering letting go of your vehicle in the future, and having a trouble-free, brand new car, all expenses paid!

You should expect to clear in your pocket around £650 – £1000 per week, with no expense.

  • No minimum commitment; however, 1 month’s notice is required
  • 49.5% commission charge (Only 25% more than you pay now)
  • Insurance included
  • Electricity included
  • Maintenance included
  • MOT included
  • PHV licencing included
  • No mileage limitation (Reasonable usage policy  applies)
  • The vehicle will not be available to work on other platforms
  • Minimum 8 hours commitment, 5 days per week is required
  • £500 deposit (£250 upfront, and £250 deducted from your first week’s pay)
  • Subject to acceptance

If you are interested to find out more then kindly email or call 02039275116