Carrot Cars Tip: Going Home Mode

A lot of drivers ask how our system at Carrot Cars works, one of the important ways to get best out of the system is getting to know the different features of the driver app and how it can be used to benefit you as a driver.

One of the key features of the app is the ‘going home mode‘. You may just think its there to let the controllers know about your intention to end your shift…not quite..what the ‘going home mode‘ does is actually very clever. It tracks your journey from your current location all the way to your home address. Now any pick up on your way home up to a deviation of 20% of your route plan automatically selects you as the favoured driver by the system. What this means is for any new journey booked if it’s going in your homes direction the system would select you as the driver receiving the job.

So when you are going home remember to press the ‘going home mode‘ on your driver could mean the difference between getting another job before you finish your shift or not.