Important Notice – Office Closure Thursday 26th March

Dear Drivers,

Following the government’s announcement last night, we will be closing the Driver Managers office from Thursday 26th March temporarily.

Driver Manager phone lines will not be available so please ensure you send documents (insurance, MOT ect) on time via email before the expiry date to avoid being locked out. Any questions or queries you have can be sent via email. drivers@carrotcars.co.uk

All those who plan to work can log in from home, however MUST be ready and start moving as soon as you receive a job. You are more than welcome to plot in E14

Unfortunately due to the circumstances we only have 1 staff member on site so please do not call the office unless you are on your way to a job and or, on a job and need assistance. For all other queries please use the text option on your driver app.

We will be back in touch with more updates. In the mean time, please take good care of yourselves.

Thank You


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New slogan competition

It is time to send our long-serving slogan; “Cheap, clean, reliable minicabs” to its retirement.  Therefore we are announcing a competition for the new slogan.

Whoever comes up with the new slogan that we will use, will receive a £100 cash!

To enter, please fill up the form below:

Carrot's new slogan

  • The winner will be announced on the 15th of October 2017.


Great person

We are trying to identify the driver who was saving a young boy on 20th of June. If it is you then please come forward!

Email from the boy’s mother:

“Dear manager, I wanted to contact one of your drivers who’s name or number I don’t know. On Monday 20th  of June at approximately 9.25pm, one of your drivers was breaking his fast outside of his cab in Eastferry Road. I was in a desperate situation trying to find someone to help me because my baby son broke his arm and needed to go to A&E. Two other people refused my request and the minicab number on my phone was not answering. I was so stressed I couldn’t find where I parked my own car even though I was in no state to drive. He saw me from where he was and offered his help. I had no cash on me and he still drove us to Newham hospital. He refused to take my number or give his and just told me to make special prayer for him. I just want to let him know that I  did and thank him again. Please can you help me find him. He is one of your drivers. Maybe you could send on your cab radio to all your drivers and read my email. Please let me know what you do. My son is ok now. But he stayed in hospital for 3 days and had major surgery as his injury was very dangerous. Your driver is an exceptional human being and was like an angel sent from Allah.”


Photo competition

This week’s photo award goes to Driver D031 Marius. Congratulations; £25 has been added on to your account!

Ps: Anyone who wants to take part of the photo competition, please ensure that Carrot Cars sticker is visible on the photo!


English language test for private hire drivers

 English language test for private hire drivers

Transport for London (TfL) announced in 2016 that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this requirement, must meet the B1 English language requirement. For full details of this announcement please visit tfl.gov.uk/ph-language

Trinity’s ISE I (B1) Secure English Language Test (SELT) has been approved by TfL for this purpose and tests all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Trinity has 3 SELT centres in London located in London Croydon, London Hammersmith and London Holborn. The test can be taken in 1 day and certificates are usually received within 15 working days.

To help prepare for the test Trinity offers a wide variety of preparation materials and resources including:

  • What to expect in your Trinity ISE I (B1) SELT
  • Free online resources. Visit com/TfLstudy to view sample Reading & Writing tests, links to videos of sample Speaking & Listening tests and further resources and publications to help prepare for test.
  • Buy an ISE I (B1) self-study book and CD at the time of booking your test to receive a 60% discount. (RRP: £25, Reduced price: £10). You can also buy this directly from our online shop for £25. com/TfLshop

To find out more information about Trinity’s ISE I (B1) SELT visit trinitycollege.com/TfL

See the full video of the test (18 minutes)


Carrot Driver photo competition

Get £25 for the photo that you take with your phone camera!

Send us photos of any interesting item or pick up/drop off location, while on the job. If we choose to use your photo in our social media feeds, then you will get £25 added to your statement.

The best photo of the year will be chosen on December 2017, and the winner will receive £250 price.

To enter to the competition, please send your photos to drivers@carrotcars.co.uk

T&C: Published photos will be chosen by the Carrot Cars management. Competition can be nulled & void without any notice. The driver is not allowed to take photographs of any people, cars, or houses, if the faces, registration or house numbers are clearly visible. December’s winner’s price will be only given to the driver who is still contracted with Carrot Cars. As soon as the driver sends the photos to Carrot Cars, those photos’ copyrights will be automatically owned by the Carrot Cars (Ivory Enterprise Ltd). 

Scam alert

Please be aware of the following London minicab scam:

  • Most likely booked as an executive job
  • Customer may put lots of pressure on you to confuse you. (Asking if you can speak proper English or why you are late, when you are not…)
  • Then telling you that the circumstances are changed and no one will be traveling, instead you must deliver a parcel or envelope
  • They tell you that the person must pay for the envelope at the drop off, and they ask you to pay them your own cash, which supposedly will be paid back to you at the destination.
  • Obliviously there will be no one at the drop off, and you have lost your fare and your money…