Child & baby seats

As you know, Carrot Cars is trusted by its customers for providing quality safety seats for children. We have also invested a significant amount in ensuring that we have them ready for all customers. Unfortunately, we still have situations when we run out of all the safety seats and subsequently have to cancel jobs, which makes the customers extremely unhappy, and hurts drivers’ income.

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t return the seats to the office on time, which is causing the mentioned issue. We have also had some drivers going on holiday when not returning the seats, forcing us to go and buy more seats. Yet it is important to highlight that most of our team members return the chairs within 24h – big thank you to them!

It is also obvious that we are not expecting drivers to drive all the way back to E14, if their last job was in LHR. Nevertheless, everyone will be in Canary Wharf at least once per day when working; hence, there is no excuse. 

As we need to find the solution to the problem, please note that from Monday the 11th, drivers who don’t return the seats within 24h, will be charged £1 plus VAT per day per each seat until they return them. Exceptions can be made for plausible reasons, but they must be agreed with Driver Managers first! This is not a profit-oriented practice!

Please note that drivers are not allowed to use their own seats. We have no control over the quality and cleanness of your seats. All our seats are sanitised with colloidal silver, which we also tell customers about; hence, our seats are the only ones that can be used!

Please comment below if you have concerns!