Compulsory Face Masks

We have recently received an unprecedented amount of complaints that some of the Carrot Cars’ drivers don’t wear face masks when carrying out bookings.

As demanded by TFL, all PHV drivers must wear the face coverings at all times, when with customers or in-between jobs. The face-covering must cover your mouth and nose at all times! Please note that there is absolutely no excuse not to follow those instructions! (Even if you had the Covid19 already!)

Due to the seriousness of the situation, regular car checks are now resumed. If any of our drivers will not be able to demonstrate that they have a fair quality face covering with them, then they will be logged off and a warning will be executed. In the case of the second time failure, the CC contract will be concluded. Please note that by the law, Carrot Cars must report any omissions about the PHV drivers to TFL, within 14 days!

Any customers who complain, that no face covering was worn by the driver (with plausible evidence) are applicable for a free ride on driver’s expense!

Furthermore, we have promised to our customers that between each journey, our drivers are using antiviral disinfectant to clean all the exposed surfaces of a vehicle, such as door handles, seatbelts and seats. We will also start checking that these procedures are executed and requested!

If you have any concerns or if you feel that those demands are any way unfair, then kindly call on 02039275116 or email to Driver Relations Managers!

Thank you for understanding, and apologises for such an assertive approach!