Congestion Charge Results & an Action Plan

The voting results are as the following indicates:

5% increase on all Carrot Cars jobs = 41 votes
£2 extra customer charge per CCZ jobs = 16 votes
Invalid votes (wrong PCO licence number, etc. – or duplicates = 16

As you can also see, over half of the drivers didn’t vote so the decision will be made only in bases on those who cared to make an effort.

Therefore, please note that all Carrot Cars fares will be increased by 5% commencing from 15th April 2019. If you work full time and being smart about the times when coming to work, then the full amount of the CC will be compensated with the increase, even if you go to CCZ every day.

A kind reminder that rejecting any jobs will lead to the termination of your contract with Carrot Cars!