COVID-19 Test for drivers

We hope that everyone is well!

From Wednesday, 06th January 2021, our customers can start booking COVID-19 tested drivers. This means that before executing the job, the driver must come by the office, and complete 15 minutes rapid Corona test.

The test is painless and uses swabs that are inserted to nostrils. Unlike the NHS test, this test does not require to insert the swabs deep into the nostrils; hence, it is not unplesent!

Similar to the collection of the baby seats, the driver will be getting paid £10 extra for coming to the office and completing the test. Plus you’ll get the free test as it will be paid by a customer.

The test results will be only shared with a customer that paid for it, and our office staff. However, if any drivers are refusing to take the test when the job is coming in, then they will be locked out for the next 10 days. This is not a punishment, but there will be a reason to believe that the driver may want to hide his symptoms of COVID. Obviously, in the case of the positive test, the additional procedures that are in place, will be executed.

If you like to purchase the test for yourself, then we managed to secure a 50% discount for Carrot Cars drivers. Please contact driver managers for more information!

We are hoping that this new option will make people feel safer about our service and will create more hype, which we desperately need at those difficult times!

If anyone has any concerns, suggestions or questions, then please comment below, or contact Driver Managers!

Stay safe!