Daily news feed for Carrot Drivers (Internal news)

Time and time again, we have heard from our fantastic drivers team, that they would like to know more what is happening in our company. Wait no more, as Carrot Cars has launched the brand new website, just for our existing and future drivers.

In order to keep some sensitive information away from the public, we have launched two separate news feeds. It is easy to get confused, so please make sure that you are always checking the correct one, in order not to miss out on any important updates.  One news feed will be available for the public – on the menu bar of the new website, and the so called “Sensitive” newsfeed, can be only accessed by our current drivers – via specific link. We will attach this link onto your weekly statements. You should also expect once per month a newsletter from us, which will redirect you to the previously mentioned “Sensitive” news feed.

Because of the security reasons, this link may be changed time to time, so if you ever experience any difficulties opening in, then have a look on you latest statement’s email, to find the updated link.

We will be also using this newsfeed to inform everyone about the compliments and a complaints that we have received from our customers. In regard to the complaints, we will not going to reveal any driver’s details, who is responsible for the mistake – however, it is important for everyone to know what has gone wrong, so we all can learn from it, and therefore avoid this happening again in the future. Therefore there will be a possibility that we will update this newsfeed on daily bases, so it will be a cleaver idea to peek at it as often as possible.

Another great feature will be the option for everyone to comment under the each topic. This will give us some real understanding how everyone may feel about certain topics. We will be welcoming any constructive criticism however, we have a very clear expectation that no one will use this opportunity to start throwing dirt at each other, nor at the company. If this will happen, then we will be blacklisting the IP address of the user, and in more sever cases, will seek for the legal help.

I am welcoming you to this new environment, and sincerely hope that this will be one step to get everyone in our team closer to each other.

Ps: You are welcome to comment below:)