Dear Drivers,

We have a new bonus system commencing from Monday the 24th June 2019

All jobs that you complete, that are £15.00 or less, will be equivalent to 1 Carrot Bonus Point

Once you have collected 5 Carrots in one day, you are guaranteed an Airport job with a return! (Subject to availability, you may receive this job the next day or after that!)

To claim your Airport job, please send the pre-written message from your app; “I have collected 5 Carrots, please send me my Airport job, with a return”.

Please note that all the Carrots are valid only for one day; hence, you will start collecting them from zero again from the next day.

If you have any questions then please contact your Driver Relations Manager

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  1. Pamadu Kargbo

    It sounds great. Please call me for more explanation.

    • Hussain

      Hi Pamadu, Thank you for your comment if you have any questions regarding the new bonus system then please call us on 02039275116

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