Drivers’ thoughts (Internal news)

We thank everyone who has taken time to share their thoughts about this issue. Especially our driver Ivan  – who has demonstrated in his testimonial how each  one of our actions can affect the all team.

From driver Ivan 507:

Hi there guys, it’s really shameful that some drivers don’t bother to check their fuel levels and embarrass themselves and the company by having to stop at a petrol station with customers on board.

The majority of the cars in our fleet have 70l fuel tanks, except the hybrid cars. A 70l tank is enough to last you for 3 very busy 10-12h shifts, possibly 4 if it’s not that busy. On average we cover 150-200mi a day. I think keeping our cars with full tanks every day is completely unnecessary. It will have an impact on everyone’s pockets and that also means we will have to go the petrol station every single day, and that could take up 20min of our spare time, which is not much anyway when you are working 10-12h.

If some drivers are not responsible enough, they should take the consequences, we don’t need all to suffer because of a few. I think keeping around half a tank full is much more reasonable and it can assure that you will have enough fuel to last you for the day. Anyway I don’t believe we will get an ASAP job which will be longer than 500mi and we won’t have time to top up.

I hope you will consider my opinion.