Executive fleet’s price increase (Internal news)


From the 1st December 2016, all the executive car prices will be increased by an additional 10%. This will be executed alongside with the marketing campaign, which informs our customers about this vehicle choices.

Over the last two moths we have built the “New era” executive department, which now can be calmed as success story. There are nearly 40 vehicles in the fleet, with well trained and carefully selected Chauffeurs. Our aim has always been not to just create a copy of someone else’s business, but to be the best on the market. However, by having the best drivers team in London, we have achieved this goal way before the new department was launched.

It is important to remember though, that the new executive fleet is just an add-on to our main services. It has the same value as Saloon, MPV or Green vehicles have. At the present moment only 7% of our over all jobs are executive – however this number is expected to increase dramatically, after the planned marketing campaign.

Our main selling points for our customers are:

  • Drinking water (Evian)
  • High speed WiFi
  • Multi Phone Charger
  • Executive vehicle
  • Extra focused and exceptional customer service excellence

If you are interested to join the executive fleet, and you are convinced that you have what it takes, then apply here. Please be aware that the extra training and charges apply.