Fake cash notes alert

We have been recently advised by Canary Wharf security that there are a very high number of fake £50 notes in circulation. Therefore, please be extra careful!

We recommend to buy one of the security markers, which may help you to detect the counterfeited notes. If you need help purchasing this marker then inform your driver manager, and we can order it for you.

One of the tricks that scammers use, is to distract you as much as possible. Example; they may ask you suddenly to stop the car at a roundabout, double red line or zig-zag. They will then give you the money, and claim that they are in the hurry to get out. Please remember, if comes to financial transactions then there is no excuse why we should be rushed!

If you need more advice how to prevent being a victim of this kind of fraud, then please arrange the meeting with driver managers.