Great person

We are trying to identify the driver who was saving a young boy on 20th of June. If it is you then please come forward!

Email from the boy’s mother:

“Dear manager, I wanted to contact one of your drivers who’s name or number I don’t know. On Monday 20th  of June at approximately 9.25pm, one of your drivers was breaking his fast outside of his cab in Eastferry Road. I was in a desperate situation trying to find someone to help me because my baby son broke his arm and needed to go to A&E. Two other people refused my request and the minicab number on my phone was not answering. I was so stressed I couldn’t find where I parked my own car even though I was in no state to drive. He saw me from where he was and offered his help. I had no cash on me and he still drove us to Newham hospital. He refused to take my number or give his and just told me to make special prayer for him. I just want to let him know that I  did and thank him again. Please can you help me find him. He is one of your drivers. Maybe you could send on your cab radio to all your drivers and read my email. Please let me know what you do. My son is ok now. But he stayed in hospital for 3 days and had major surgery as his injury was very dangerous. Your driver is an exceptional human being and was like an angel sent from Allah.”