Hand Sanitisers

Dear drivers,

Due to the pressure of our high profile clients, we must adopt new procedures in order to minimise any risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Hence please note that from the 12th of March every active Carrot Cars driver must have the anti-bacterial spray in their vehicle to clean their car surfaces and hand gel/spray for personal use.

The new procedures will be implemented immediately on car checks – failure to have this will involve immediate suspension.

Also, note that every time a customer leaves the vehicle you must use antibacterial spray and a paper towel to clean any surfaces which the customer may have come into contact with – that includes the inside and outside of the door handles of your vehicle.

A kind reminder that any form of handshaking with customers have been prohibited until further notice. Furthermore, you must use the antibacterial hand sanitiser multiple times a day, especially for example if you have been touching customers’ luggage. Use every opportunity to wash your hands thoroughly which will last 20 seconds with plenty of soap and water.

We have a limited amount of anti-bacterial spray and hand sanitisers to be purchased from the Driver Relations Managers office – there is however a limit of 1 purchase each per driver. It would be appreciated if you can please find your own source to purchase both items.

Finally please note that the risk for you to come into contact with anyone who is infected is extremely low and these precautions have been taken as an extra safety measure.