Heathrow via M25 (Internal news)

Please learn carefully about the following update!

If your customer requires you to go via M25 to Heathrow airport, then you must inform them, that £25 extra fixed charge will be added. You must inform them as soon as they expressing their interest to go via this route.

You are not allowed under any circumstances to suggest this option to customers yourself! If the customer ever makes a complaint that driver suggested this route, or driver did not inform about the charge at the beginning of the journey, then the full fare of the journey will be refunded to the customer. Please do not make silly mistakes like that!

This price only applies for the jobs from E1, E14 & E16.

Please note that we will only use south circular of M25. We also avoid A406 route by all costs.

In order to add the extra charge on your fare, please contact office and they will manually add it.

Thank you