Highway Code revised

Highway Code revised: Cyclists given priority in new rules as drivers ordered to keep 1.5-metres distance when overtaking!

The new list of advice and rules for people on Britain’s roads will be updated from 29 January, pending parliamentary approval, and will introduce a risk-based hierarchy of road users.

Drivers will have more responsibility to watch out for people cycling, walking or riding a horse – while cyclists will have more responsibility to be aware of pedestrians.

Cyclists are also now instructed to ride in the centre of the lane in slower moving traffic, “on quiet roads or streets, moving over to the left if a faster vehicle comes up behind them, but only if they can do so safely” and “at the approach to junctions or where the road narrows, where it would be unsafe for drivers to overtake them”.

Another recommendation is for car users to reduce the risk of opening a door into the path of a cyclist by using the hand on the opposite side to the door, as that will often lead to them looking over their shoulder.

Stay safe, keep others safe!