(Important) Calling customers via Carrot Cars

Due to recent issues, where some customers saved a driver’s mobile phone number and started to call him to make bookings, we have now deactivated the option for drivers and customers to see each other’s numbers. Some accounts may still have this option active.

To contact your customers, please call Carrot Cars’ office number, and you will hear a female voice telling you: Your name > For First Pick Up press one > To speak to the agent, press zero. In other words, press 1 to speak to your customer, and press 0 to speak to the controller.

Also, please note that if customers are calling you via our system, then the number displayed on your phone is: 03301744857. Please have the correct telephone manners when speaking to them! Answer by saying; Thank you for Calling Carrot Cars; your driver (Your name) speaking; how may I help you? We don’t use language such as Alright, boss, etc.

Furthermore, be honest if you are running late. If your sat nav tells you that you are going to be there in 10 minutes, then tell customers 10-15 minutes. There is nothing worse if you have been told the wrong ETA.