IMPORTANT Marriott Updates

Dear Executive Driver,

Please be aware there is a slight change to all Account jobs from the Marriott Hotel. When on an Account job from the Marriott hotel please confirm with customer which route they would prefer, if they decide to take the M25 route, please make them aware that there is an extra charge of £25 and that they will have to sign a form at the hotel concierge to confirm they are happy to pay the extra charge.

This has been requested by the Marriott Hotel, so please ensure that after the customer confirms they are happy to take the M25 route with the extra charge, they must sign the form at the hotel concierge desk.

However, if the job is a cash job they DO NOT need to sign the form at the concierge, so this is only a requirement for account jobs, NOT FOR CASH JOBS.

Kind Regards

Driver Managers