Important parking update (Internal news)

With immediate effect – all Carrot Cars vehicles have been prohibited to visit our office estate. Those measures have been caused by the new Counter Terrorism protocol, and the improvement of the overall security – around our office.

If you visiting Carrot Cars office for the following reasons:

  • Picking up baby seats
  • Changing your tie
  • Collecting new magazines, etc

…then please park at the loading bay, by the Beaufort Court (Opposite to Hilton – obviously not front of Hilton!). Security guards will be lenient with Carrot Cars vehicles, as long as the following measures have been met:

  • Not leaving your vehicle unattendend for more than 5 minutes
  • Displaying the “This minicab is waiting for the customer” laminated sign on your dashboard
  • Not parking at the double yellow lines
  • Not waiting for the jobs anywhere on Admirals Way (Even if you are in your vehicle)

If you can’t leave your car unattended because of the unseen circumstances, then please call the office, and we will deliver the items to you. (Subject to the availability of the office staff)

Please note that there are a new CCTV cameras installed, and each visit of yours, will be recorded. If you don’t follow those rules, then our office will be informed about this.

Please note that that if you coming to the office for longer period, such as needed for a meeting with driver managers, then please park your car away from the estate. The nearest paid parking facilities are on Mastmaker Road.

It will take a little bit of time to get use to, but we are hoping for everyone’s understanding.

Please comment your concerns below.