Job Packages updates: 1pm & 6am

Hi guys,

A kind reminder that the job packages are a new thing; hence, we are adjusting and improving the system as it goes.

As the first few weeks of January are slow in every company, our package availability is not the greatest, but this will change very soon. You should expect in the near future the packages to be uploaded every 5-10 minutes; hence, you won’t need to keep refreshing all day.

In order to minimise your anxiety, we will be uploading all the packages in January twice per day: 1pm and 6am. This gives a fair chance for everyone. 

Please note that Estate & MPV packages will continue to be uploaded throughout the day as there are too many.

A kind reminder that you cannot claim the package when you have a customer on board – this is a serious safety issue. We can see if you are doing that, so we will take the access away to claim any packages in the future.

Happy packaging!