Please support our friend Kamran (Internal news)

Cash donations are also welcomed in the office
(Please leave it with the operators)

As you may have already heard, our dear friend Kamran has endured life changing injuries due to the traffic accident, while on the job with our customers.

Few times we have visited him in the hospital, and we are amazed at his good spirit, considering the seriousness of the situation. He is a very strong person and doing very well with his recovery. Doctors have predicted that he will get home within few months.

We are hoping to raise money to support Kamran and his family during this difficult time. We are sincerely hoping that you will be able to support him as well – even if you have never met him. No amount is too small, nor too big.

If you would also like to visit him in the hospital, then please contact me, and I will help to arrange it.

Bless you, all!