Marriott’s Rules (Internal news)

Since the last update, we have quiet few new drivers joined our company. So we would like to refresh everyone’s memory, about the rules of Marriott hotel at WIQ.

“Picking – up the customer” — rules:

  • If the concierge is with your customers at the pick up, then you do not have to open the car doors for your customers — he will do it
  • Do not move your car even for once inch, until you have received the job from the office! Explain to your customer that because of the legal reasons, we have to wait until the job has been received.
  • If the customer changes their destination then please immiteatebly inform the office about this, as we need to contact the hotel — before you have dropped your customers off

Stand by — parking rules:

  • Only the drivers, with the Executive status — are allowed to be on standby by
  • Categorically: No smoking in 300 meter (328 yards) radius from the hotel
  • Drivers are not allowed to talk to each other or gather in groups — outside of their vehicles
  • No drivers are not allowed to approach or talk to any of the the concierges, nor doormen – unless they have been approached by the hotel’s staff. (Asking anyone for better jobs, will mean the instant termination of our contract, with the driver.)
  • No more than 3 Carrot Cars vehicles, are allowed to standby at the same time
  • Parking restrictions such as; double yellow line — must be followed

We hope that everyone understands that those rules have been created by the hotel, and therefore must be followed at all times!

If anyone has any questions or concerns then please feel free to comment.

Ironically; Google Images have recorded our driver, parking at the wrong spot 😊