New Fixed Shift Updated (Internal News)

As mentioned in one of our earlier newsfeeds, there will be some changes made for all fixed-shift drivers. Here are a few main points that you may like to know:

  • Changes will start from the week commencing 9th January 2017
  • All shift charges will remain same as before
  • Bonus payments for Saturdays & Sundays will be increased to £24 for each shift that you complete
  • App fee will be now paid by Carrot Cars, while you are working
  • However, you will be still charged the app fee while you are on holiday!
  • Shift patterns will be decreased to a minimum of 8 hours. This won’t be done automatically. If you are on the 10h shift at the moment, then you must see the Driver Manager in order to change it to 8 hours
  • Please note that the maximum break will be 1-hour long (as usual, it cannot be taken in the first 2 hours of your shift, or in the last two hours of your shift)
  • Unfortunately, from now on, there will be no leeway for anyone arriving late for their shift. If you arrive even one minute late, then the bonuses won’t be paid out, no matter what the reason is!
  • You have a right not to go with those new rules. Please let your driver manager know if you do no wish to abide by these rules

Driver managers trust that these changes will help our drivers, and motivate them to work more hours
Please feel free to comment below!