New info hangers (Internal news)

Please note that the new hangers are now available. Please come to office asap to swap them over.

Updated information:

  • New waiting time 10min
  • No luggage on the seat of the car – icon added
  • We do not provide house removal service – added
  • Our service areas – added
  • Won awards – added
  • Recommendation to pre book journeys – added
  • Credit card surcharge – font’s size changed to larger one
  • Are you as satisfied as 97% of our customers – text added
  • Hangers are printed same on both sides
  • Shape of the hangers are charges on the top, so it won’t be that easy to knock it off from the display
  • Only one hanger needs to be displayed – on the passenger side seat

If you have any questions then please contact driver managers’ office

Thank you