Open Shift (Internal News)

Carrot Cars office team would like to thank everyone who has made the effort to work over the Christmas period.

Unfortunately we have also learned that big part of Open Shift drivers did not make any effort come to work – although they promised verbally to help us out, over the busiest time of the year. As we clearly cannot take any further risks again, and leave our company without a decent amount of drivers, we have decided to lock the Open Shift from now on. This means that no drivers will be hired to the Open Shift again. Existing Open Shift drivers can stay as they are, yet we would like to see more effort to put in, than 10 hours per week…

Exciting news for all the Fixed Shift drivers is that the minimum amount of requested hours, will be decreased from 10 to 8 hours per day, and the app fee will be paid by Carrot Cars, not by driver. This will give you saving of £24 per week. However, you do have to pay the app fee if you going to holidays… Also the usual £18 bonus per day, will be replaced by £24 per day, if you work on Saturday or Sunday.

Please note that those changes will be implemented for the Fixed Shift Drivers, from the 9th of January 2017, onwards. More updates will be sent to you over the next coming weeks.

Please feel free to ask questions below!