English language test (Internal news)

English language test for private hire drivers

Transport for London (TfL) announced in 2016 that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this requirement, must meet the B1 English language requirement. For full details of this announcement please visit tfl.gov.uk/ph-language

Trinity’s ISE I (B1) Secure English Language Test (SELT) has been approved by TfL for this purpose and tests all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Trinity has 3 SELT centres in London located in London Croydon, London Hammersmith and London Holborn. The test can be taken in 1 day and certificates are usually received within 15 working days.

To help prepare for the test Trinity offers a wide variety of preparation materials and resources including:

  • What to expect in your Trinity ISE I (B1) SELT
  • Free online resources. Visit com/TfLstudy to view sample Reading & Writing tests, links to videos of sample Speaking & Listening tests and further resources and publications to help prepare for test.
  • Buy an ISE I (B1) self-study book and CD at the time of booking your test to receive a 60% discount. (RRP: £25, Reduced price: £10). You can also buy this directly from our online shop for £25. com/TfLshop


To find out more information about Trinity’s ISE I (B1) SELT visit trinitycollege.com/TfL

See the full video of the test (18 minutes)