Carrot Driver photo competition

Get £25 for the photo that you take with your phone camera!

Send us photos of any interesting item or pick up/drop off location, while on the job. If we choose to use your photo in our social media feeds, then you will get £25 added to your statement.

The best photo of the year will be chosen on December 2017, and the winner will receive £250 price.

To enter to the competition, please send your photos to [email protected]

T&C: Published photos will be chosen by the Carrot Cars management. Competition can be nulled & void without any notice. The driver is not allowed to take photographs of any people, cars, or houses, if the faces, registration or house numbers are clearly visible. December’s winner’s price will be only given to the driver who is still contracted with Carrot Cars. As soon as the driver sends the photos to Carrot Cars, those photos’ copyrights will be automatically owned by the Carrot Cars (Ivory Enterprise Ltd).