Fake cash notes alert

We have been recently advised by Canary Wharf security that there are a very high number of fake £50 notes in circulation. Therefore, please be extra careful!

We recommend to buy one of the security markers, which may help you to detect the counterfeited notes. If you need help purchasing this marker then inform your driver manager, and we can order it for you.

One of the tricks that scammers use, is to distract you as much as possible. Example; they may ask you suddenly to stop the car at a roundabout, double red line or zig-zag. They will then give you the money, and claim that they are in the hurry to get out. Please remember, if comes to financial transactions then there is no excuse why we should be rushed!

If you need more advice how to prevent being a victim of this kind of fraud, then please arrange the meeting with driver managers.


We are now serving robots

Carrot Cars has opened the new account for Starship Technologies Ltd, and they are making real life delivery robots, which should be soon a very common thing to be seen in streets of London.

They are an Estonian based company, with the satellite offices, all around the world. London office is based in North Greenwich – by O2 arena.

We will be delivering their office staff, and the robots to/from events and airports. Size of the each robot is without the protective case; 40x35x35cm, and 60x60x80cm with the protective case. We have tested and found that they can be easily transported in any saloon car’s booth, that works for Carrot Cars.

If you would like to find out more about those cool robots then click here.


Great feedback about driver 046 Laimis

Thank you Laimis for going extra mile!

Customer’s review: Driver was really good. We’re bit late because one of our baggage got lost. He patiently waited for us and then helped us with all our luggages to the first floor where we live. Great customer service! We’re a very happy returning customers


New Fixed Shift

As mentioned in one of our earlier newsfeeds, there will be some changes made for all fixed-shift drivers. Here are a few main points that you may like to know:

  • Changes will start from the week commencing 9th January 2017
  • All shift charges will remain same as before
  • Bonus payments for Saturdays & Sundays will be increased to £24 for each shift that you complete
  • App fee will be now paid by Carrot Cars, while you are working
  • However, you will be still charged the app fee while you are on holiday!
  • Shift patterns will be decreased to a minimum of 8 hours. This won’t be done automatically. If you are on the 10h shift at the moment, then you must see the Driver Manager in order to change it to 8 hours
  • Please note that the maximum break will be 1-hour long (as usual, it cannot be taken in the first 2 hours of your shift, or in the last two hours of your shift)
  • Unfortunately, from now on, there will be no leeway for anyone arriving late for their shift. If you arrive even one minute late, then the bonuses won’t be paid out, no matter what the reason is!
  • You have a right not to go with those new rules. Please let your driver manager know if you do no wish to abide by these rules

Driver managers trust that these changes will help our drivers, and motivate them to work more hours
Please feel free to comment below!


Extra Bonus

Congratulation to the following drivers who received the extra £200 bonus payment in December – for coming to work at the peak times:

2002 Rizwan
2008 Mohammad
2001 Mohammed
2022 Nazrul

Keep up the good work!


Christmas Day is already fully booked


We have now stopped taking any further bookings for the Christmas Day, as we are fully booked. Bookings are already coming in from the 24th evening….

We know that many of you have been working long hours, and maybe feeling a bit exhausted, but this is a last push before January.

25th of December we charge 50% extra per each job we do!


Refer us to your friend (PCO license holder) and we will pay you £101.01

T&Cs: Referral fee will be added to your statement. The Referred Friend (AKA TRF) – must be a new applicant for Carrot Cars (AKA CC)and must have never worked before for the company. TRF must pass the standard application and training process with CC. TRF must successfully complete minimum of 60 jobs with CC, before the referred fee can be paid. TRF must mention the name and the mobile phone number of the referrer, on the application form, or the referral fee will not be paid to the referrer. Only one referrer can be paid the referral fee per TRF, first mentioned, first paid, bases. CC keeps the full right to withdraw the referral scheme at any time, without any notice. The Referrer and the TRF must both hold a valid PCO (London Taxi & Private Hire) license, in order to qualify for the referral scheme. Referrer cannot refer him/herself. Any queries with regards to the referral fee should be sent to drivers@carrotcars.co.uk


Reduction of free waiting time


Please note that from the 1st of December 2016 our free waiting time for the customers is reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

As usual, system will make the automated calculations, which means that you don’t have to make any adjustments. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to press POB as soon as you have met your customers. Failing to do so may end up your customers getting overcharged and you may be help responsible for this…

For the airport pick ups – 60 minutes free waiting time still applies. As I am sure – everyone agrees that this has not been an issue in our company as hardly ever anyone has experienced such waiting.

Just to remind the charges;

First 10 minutes free (From the 1st of December)
Thereafter; £1 per every 3 minutes

Furthermore, there will be cases when some customer will expect the 15 minutes free waiting time, as they may have not been informed. Therefore over the next few months we will adjust some cases the waiting time, if we learn that customer may be very upset. However, I am confident that such cases will be minimum.


Executive fleet’s price increase


From the 1st December 2016, all the executive car prices will be increased by an additional 10%. This will be executed alongside with the marketing campaign, which informs our customers about this vehicle choices.

Over the last two moths we have built the “New era” executive department, which now can be calmed as success story. There are nearly 40 vehicles in the fleet, with well trained and carefully selected Chauffeurs. Our aim has always been not to just create a copy of someone else’s business, but to be the best on the market. However, by having the best drivers team in London, we have achieved this goal way before the new department was launched.

It is important to remember though, that the new executive fleet is just an add-on to our main services. It has the same value as Saloon, MPV or Green vehicles have. At the present moment only 7% of our over all jobs are executive – however this number is expected to increase dramatically, after the planned marketing campaign.

Our main selling points for our customers are:

  • Drinking water (Evian)
  • High speed WiFi
  • Multi Phone Charger
  • Executive vehicle
  • Extra focused and exceptional customer service excellence

If you are interested to join the executive fleet, and you are convinced that you have what it takes, then apply here. Please be aware that the extra training and charges apply.