The New Law (Internal news)

From the 1st March 2017, drivers who are caught using their mobile phones will face six points, a £200 fine, and have no option of a remedial course. This includes also private hire drivers who use their phones to receive jobs, communicate with office, or even click “Arrived”, “POB”, “Clear” etc.

We must value the safety first! Research shows drivers who are distracted, by using a phone, eating or by others in the car, are two to three times more likely to crash. Therefore please take this very seriously!

Remember that your phone has to be in a cradle, from the moment you are switching your vehicle’s engine on, until it is switched off. During that time, you are not allowed to touch your handset. Please click on all the necessary buttons before your start your journey, and after (and again – when the engine is switched off!)

Please note that if our office contacts you, then you have five minutes to pull safely over, in order to reply. If you are on a motorway, then you must find the first service station (or other safe facility), within 15 minutes.

If you have any concerns, ideas or advice, then please leave a comment below!