No more lateness for the jobs!

Sadly some driver team members still don’t understand the importance of being on time for job pick-ups. The most common reason is that they start making their way too late, they don’t check flight landing times, or they just don’t care. This adds extreme stress to controllers and severely damages Carrot Cars’ reputation; hence, all other drivers suffer as a result.

Please note that from Monday, the 24th of April, we will automatically offer customers a discount on their journey if a driver is late due to his own fault. £1 per minute will be deducted from the total fare, calculated from the arranged booking time.

To keep things morally fair, Carrot Cars also will financially lose out, as our commission will be automatically less if the discount is applied.

If you are late, and it is not your fault (Such as if you are helping us out because of another driver’s failure), the cost of the discount will be covered by Carrot Cars.